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Safe Sport Guidelines and Rules

CCAA Swimming is committed to fostering a fun and healthy safe sport environment for all its participants. We all must recognize that the safety of swimmers lies with all those involved in the sport and is not the sole responsibility of any one person at the local team or the CCAA organization level.

The following document give the Guidelines and Rules to be followed by all those involve in the CCAA program.

Coastal Cities Aquatic Association Safe Sport Packet

Coaches and volunteers (18 and over) who interact directly and frequently with athletes as a regular part of their duties must satisfactorily complete criminal background checks. The background check should be statewide for the state of Texas, and include a Sexual Offender check.  This does not apply to volunteers such as timers, marshals, computer operators, etc. who only have limited contact with athletes during a meet. The following acknowledgement form is to be completed by these Coaches and Volunteers.

Acknowledgement Form

Background check company: DCI Resources


Meet entry changes form

Form for recording race numbers for those using the Colorado timing system

USA swimmer declaration form (updated Oct 2020)


CCAA Rules (revised October 2020)

Brief Rules 2020

Meet Management

Heat ribbon and participation awards procedure.  
Heat Ribbon EVENTS
Carded Ribbon EVENTS


Starting procedure for starting races with whistle commands


This section has help files and zip files that can be downloaded into Team Manager (TM) and Meet Manger (MM).  The versions to be using for this season are TM version TM 5.0Jb or higher version, and MM version 3.0 or higher.  You can go to the Hy-Tek webpage to get the updates (see Handy links on on webpage), or send an email to for help.

Some of the dates, etc. are not correct and should be updated to present time.  The Age-up date should be June 1st of the current year.

Team Manager is used by each of the team to record their roster, setup up meet entries, and import meet results.  It you have an existing TM file for your team you can use it for all the summer seasons, or create a new TM for each summer season. 

Here is a help file for setting up and using TM. This will show you how to create a new TM file for your team, or can be used as a reference for existing files.

Here is a TM backup file that can restored into TM 6.0 or higher.  It contains all the set-ups needed for your team for the 2022 season.  Do not open it, but save it (download) to your desktop so it can be restored into your TM 6.0 program or higher.  Open Team manager and go to File/Restore.  You can rename the database to fit your team.

Here is an event zip file for yards which can be imported into TM if you need to enter the CCAA events into your existing TM.  This file contains all 134 events for the 2022 summer season.   Events import for CHAMPIONSHIP .  If you have restored the TM 6.0 backup file, then the events are already there.  When you set up a meet just copy the events from the sample meet to your meet.  The correct name of the each team and the proper team abbreviation can be found in the team contact list.

Print or download  TM Electronic Entries for instructions on using TM for electronic entries for the season meets.

Meet Manager is used by the teams hosting meets.  Each host team will receive a TM meet entry file to be imported into MM for running the meet.  Below are some MM setup files that can be restored into MM 3.0 or later.  They contain all the set-ups for running a season meet with MM.   There is a different setup file for each type of meet: Dual, Tri, and Quad.  Do not open it, but save it (download) to your desktop so it can be restored into you MM program.  After restoring go to the setups and customize for the current dates and meets.

NOTE: The meets are set up for 8 lanes.  If have a different number of lanes in MM go to SETUP / OPTIONS / Change number of lanes for all final rounds to: (enter your number of lanes).

MM Setup Import file for TRI  Meets

Setup for Wharton only that swims meters SETUP FILE..

MM Setup Import file for TRI  Meets in Meters

HERE is a help file for setting up and running MM 5.0 for a season meet.  

The meets are all using electronic entries so the events will need to be seeded properly.  Please use this document to properly seed the meet. (March 26, 2011)

MM 1.4 is no longer supported and is not compatible with the current TM programs.   If your team has this version of  MM or version MM 2.0 you will need to purchase the new version MM 6.0.  If you are using MM 5.0 it should be ok.

Other Links

Hy.Tek Ltd.  Swimming software such as Team Manager and Meet Manager.  Free update downloads and other information. Free demo software available.

Colorado Timing System   Swimming timing systems, consoles, pads, starting systems, etc.

Texas Swim Shop  Team Swim Suits and more         

Bay City website

El Campo website

Lake Jackson website        

R & R website         

WOTB Website

TAAF Swimming        


Swimming officials test
Below is an electronic copy of the swimming officials test.  The swimming officials test for this year is an open book test which you are to complete.  The test will not be graded however copy of the test with answers for the test is available after you have completed the test.  If there still are questions on any of the questions contact . The officials test is required to be a CCAA certified official.  After taking the test send an email to verifying you have finished the test completing your certification .  Any official that is currently UIL (High School) certified is also CCAA certified and does not have to take the officials test. 

2020 Officials Test    2020 Officials test with answers

Points of Emphasis of the 2020 season

For information on High School swimming and officials go to 

Below are documents to help with specific procedures for running meets:
1. Starting commands procedure  help  (updated for whistle commands)
2. Judging a relay take-off
3. Help your timers to be effective timers
4. CCAA DQ slips for documenting disqualifications
4A. NFSH high school DQ slips - THIS ONE IS PREFERRED
5. Deck officials assignment sheet
6. Swim meet check list

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