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2019 Season

Schedule & Results

2019 Season: News


Meet Results

The results from the CCAA season will be posted here and updated when new results are available.  Also available will be the top 10 season times for each of the events and the top 10 points for each age group in Acrobat Reader format (bottom of page).  The CCAA Season Meets import file will be a results file which can be imported into your Team Manager 5.0 (or later) software.  If you already have some results, the import should only put in new results.  If the meet names are different (which they may be) then you may have duplicate meets.  You can delete the meet you do not want.

To import the meet results, click on the link below for the meet of interest.  Do NOT open the file, but save it to a USB drive or some place on your hard drive using the "save" or "save-as" command. The files are .zip files.   Next open Team Manager.  Go to File / Import /Meet Results.  Say ok to the questions and all of the meet results will be loaded into TM.   NOTE: Be sure to check the add swimmers/teams box.  NOTE: if you only want results for your team, pick your team in the team drop down box.

Meet results for import into Team Manager by meet location

Splash   18-May    ALVIN     ECST     WOTB 

Meet 1      1-Jun     ECST      LJST      RST            

Meet 2     8-Jun    BCST      LJST      RST            

Meet 3    15-Jun    ECST      FAST     RST            

Meet 4   22-Jun    ALVIN     BCST    LJST           

Season Meet results for a hard copy printout (PDF files).   Note: x indicates the swimmer was not eligible to score in that event, and an L after a time indicates a lead-off split time.  All posted results are in Yards except for results from the Wharton pool which is in Meters (and yards).   Meet results are given by meet location.

Splash Meet - May 18


Meet 1 - June 1

ECST      LJST      RST           

Meet 1 Scores

Meet 2 - June 8

BCST      LJST      RST           

Meet 2 Scores

Meet 3 - June 15

ECST      FAST     RST           

Meet 3 Scores

Meet 4 - June 22

ALVIN     BCST    LJST           

Meet 4 Scores

Top Times

The Top Ten Individual Times (in yards) in each event for Meets: Splash,1,2,3,4 in the current season.  Last update 6/25/19.  This is a printable file with the top 10 times for individuals in each event for the season to date.   Note:  The results from the Wharton meets have been converted to yards for the top 10 report.  Note: The results from the Splash meet are included in the Top Times report.

The Top 10 Relay Times (in yards) for all relays for Meets: Splash  in the current season.   Updated 6/25/19

The Top Relay Times (in yards) for one relay per team for Meets: Splash in the current season.   Updated 6/25/19

Top Points

The top Individual Cumulative Points for the Season Meets plus Championship will be reported at the end of the season.  This is a printable file with the top points for individuals showing each age group ranking and ranking for all age groups combined for the season to date. Note: The results from the Splash meet are not included in the Top Points report.

Top Points Report for the Season Meets ... this will be updated at the end of the season
High Points Girls        High Points Boys    High Points Top 22 Swimmers

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