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2024 Season

Schedule & Results

2024 Season: News

2024 Schedule with Locations

2024 Season Events

2024 Season Schedule

May 18 - Splash Meet
June 1 - Meet 1
June 8 - Meet 2
June 15 - Meet 3
June 22 - Meet 4
June 29 - CCAA City Champs
July 13 - TAAF Region 1
July 25-28 - TAAF State Meet (Brownsville)

Meet Results

Season Meet results for a hard copy printout (PDF files).   Note: x indicates the swimmer was not eligible to score in that event, and an L after a time indicates a lead-off split time.  Meet results are given by meet location.

Splash    18-May       WOTB    LJST

Meet 1    1-Jun          GALV     ECST*     RST

Meet 2    8-Jun        RST        LJST      WOTB*

Meet 3    15-Jun       ALVIN   ECST*

Meet 4    22-Jun      GALV    RST

* Revised results

Meet results for import into Team Manager by meet location

Splash    18-May      WOTB    LJST 

Meet 1    1-Jun         GALV     RST       ECST*

Meet 2    8-Jun       RST        LJST      WOTB*  

Meet 3    15-Jun      ALVIN    ECST*

Meet 4    22-Jun     GALV     RST

*Revised results

Top Times

The Top Ten Individual Times (in yards) in each event as of 6/24/24:

Top 10 Times (Girls)

Top 10 Times (Boys)

Top 5 Relay Times

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