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Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) information

TAAF is not part of the CCAA program but is an extension of swimming that is available at a higher level of swimming.  The CCAA program ends with our Championship meet. Any swimmer may go to the region meet.  There is no pre-meet qualification.   Attached is information regard the events and who swims at the region meet.

The T.A.A.F. Region I Swimming Championship Meet is open to all swimmers ages 14 & under with a T.A.A.F. Card number.   All swimmers must have a T.A.A.F. Card number to participate.  Entries received without the T.A.A.F. card number are ineligible.  All 15-17 swimmers must register at the regional meet to go to state unless the Region 1 meet information requires them to swim at the Region 1 meet or their absence is pre-approved by the meet director.  The top 3 finishers advance to state.   Swimmers 15-17 may advance to the state meet even if they are not in the top 3.    Swimmers 18 and over do not swim at region, however they must register to swim at the region meet for the state meet.  If we have enough swimmers sign up for TAAF Region 1 that our region could advance up to four swimmers (relay teams) per event to state.

The TAAF Region 1 meet will be held at the LCISD Natatorium on July 17, 2021.   

The state meet will be July 29 thru August 1 in Corpus Christi.  


The TAAF website can be found HERE

TAAF Region 1 & State meet results

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